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How to Invest in the Top 10 Altcoins | IDOs News



How to Invest in the Top 10 Altcoins | IDOs News

By Terry Ashton, updated July 9, 2024


The niche of Altcoins and Portfolio Diversification in the Crypto Market.

Altcoin: Anything not Bitcoin Altcoins have a few different factors that give them some traction. This includes features that Bitcoin itself may not be pioneering (e.g. faster confirming transactions or erc20 tokens which focus on user privacy). Moreover some altcoins are known to have great potential for growth as a result of the innovative technologies that these coins use, devising them in construction.

Diversification is key to any investment. This is the process of spreading your investments across different types of assets to achieve greater diversification and therefore have less risk. Top 10 Altcoins can make your investment in the cryptocurrency world wider by having a diversified profile.

Here’s why:

  • Higher Level Risk: The cryptocurrency market is known for its high volatility. Since you have only bitcoin, it is natural that the market fall will affect your portfolio several times. This reduces the impact of having a single asset decline by adding in altcoins that have different functions/purposes.
  • Technological Innovation: Altcoins Are Leading The Charge In Blockchain Tech This way, encourages you to become part of that growth in new innovations by including them.
  • Multiple Use Cases: Altcoins address different needs and use cases. Investing in DeFi, privacy or even NFT-specific altcoins gives you a broader scope of possibilities.

Note: Altcoins can provide great diversification, but higher risks too compared to a top-class crypto like Bitcoin. Doing Due Diligence on Any AltCoin Investment In our opinion, it is essential that you thoroughly research any altcoin before investing.

TOP 10 Altcoins of the market – July 8th

Sounds like some confusion with that title. Bitcoini One thing called money (BTC – this isn’t an altcoin!) Latest Market data has shown that the Top 10 Altcoins Of market on July 8th are:

  1. Ethereum (ETH): The powerhouse of dApps. Ethereum Ethereum is more than just a high-value coin, it is essentially a platform that allows developers to create the best applications such as self-executive agreements (smart contracts), and decentralised applications. The applications have by far outgrown that as it has the ability to be a game changer for streamlining how companies do business, and creating new revenue channels.
  2. Cardano (ADA): A Research First Approach Cardano is no ordinary blockchain. It’s one that was thought out through scientific philosophy and killed-literally-reviewed research. For a future looking toward decentralised technologies, this emphasis on setting a stable foundation properly situates Cardano as one of the most reliable and safe options.

III. Binance Coin (BNB): From Lit Kids to Crypto Traders BNB is to Binance what a VIP pass is to the world’s largest crypto exchange. This ERC20 token extends further than just on the native exchange and it offers savings to users for trading fees, as well other charges pertaining to esports. Thus, if you are someone who indulges in crypto trading frequently then this could potentially provide the answer to make your experience cost-effective.

  1. Solana: The Blockchain’s Lamborghini

Solana has shaken up the crypto world with its fast speeds for transactions and scalability. This is a high-performance platform which can handle many thousands of transactions per second, bringing it to the grounds good for real world usages.

  1. XRP (XRP): Paving The Way For Faster, Cheaper International Money Transfers

XRP is a digital asset that runs on the RippleNet, which is not like conventional currency – but then DCI (Digital Currency Institute) also tries to bring out parity between this cryptocurrency and things needed to buy products. Ripple (the company) and XRP, differentiate the ownership of digital assets from its purpose. The Fast Settlement for Cross Border Transactions – Act as bridge between traditional finance and worldwide into the cryptocurrency realm of their world.

  1. Polkadot (DOT): United We Block: A Multiblockchain Ainereum

The different blockchains here can connect and interact on a shared network such as in the case of Polkadot. This interoperability will create a more collaborative and expandable long term future for blockchain technology.

VII. Dogecoin (DOGE): This one is way more than a meme coin, the community for DOGECOIN are In my opinion by far some of the most enthusiastic and dedicated supporters. Doge Pack til death!

VIII. Avalanche (AVAX): Another avalanche coming up! Given its superlative nature, there is a clear possibility for such a revolutionary platform to be used as an underlying substratum to support smart contracts and dApps.

  1. Chainlink (LINK): The world realises it needs the real world on crypto’s doorstep, and Chainlink is that solution. A decentralised oracle network and a connection from blockchains to the real world of data.
  2. Toncoin (TON): Fast coin cross-border payment and other high-speed transactions on the same belt! It has good scalability, you can send your cryptocurrency wherever you want and it could potentially reach top 10. Keep an eye on TON (TON)!

Always do your own research before making any investment, the list is not in order based on market capitalization.

How to Invest in the Top 10 Altcoins:

Now, you know the step-by-step process of investing in all coins or altcoins! Here’s the rundown of every point:

  1. Research is Key:
  • Understanding the technology behind each altcoin: How does it function? What problem does it solve?
  • The application: where in the real world can it be used.
  • Do research on a project that shows how much growth is pending for it in future. What are the tips about upcoming plans? Does it have a strong development team and community?
  1. Choosing a Safe Exchange:
  • Find reputable exchanges with good security and high trading volume for the altcoins you want to trade.
  • Such factors could include fees, supported types of payment and how user-friendly it is.
  1. Storage (cold storage with hardware wallets)
  • The best place to store altcoins is in a hardware wallet that can take them offline and out of reach from token hijackings.
  • Do your research and browse through the various categories of hardware wallets to decide an apt wallet that fits your requirement as well as budget.
  1. Stay Informed:
  • Subscribe and read reputable cryptocurrency news outlets and analysis to keep your finger on the pulse of where the market is heading that may affect future investment opportunities.
  1. Diversification is King:
  • Well it is often said not to put all your eggs in the same small basket which shows that we have been hearing this advice of diversification since time moral. Invest in multiple altcoins, a way to avoid risk. So, be thoughtful about how much of your funds are going toward way riskier altcoins.

And you will be able to keep yourself properly prepared, as an investor, in the ever-tempting realm of altcoins. Always remember, the cryptocurrency market is young and highly volatile, please invest wisely as never put more of your cash than you can afford to lose.


This was the time of altcoins and how not-alts – Bitcoin.

With that being said, incorporating altcoins into your cryptocurrency portfolio could be a solid play for diversification purposes. In the current ecosystem, Bitcoin retains its edge but altcoins allow more applications and can grow in value significantly. Diversification among solid altcoins with sound underlying technology and a real-world use case or innovation can help reduce your exposure to risk, all the while giving you access to high potential opportunities in an ever-growing blockchain industry.

That said, a few things to consider before getting involved in the world of altcoins:

  • Research First: Just Do Not Jump On The Bandwagon Investigate the tech, use case and dev team for each altcoin Understand the Risk and Reward
  • Consult with experts: It might be a great idea to visit some financial advisors who know about the crypto currency market. They have something to share that is not easy, as the rules of business keep changing.
  • Understand the Volatility:Cryptocurrency is a volatile market by its nature. WARNING: As always, the price of WETH may vary greatly. Invest on your own responsibility.

Investing in a basket of Altcoins gives you some exposure to the cutting edge. Use this to your advantage, approach them with care and information now – you might just benefit from diversification/useful innovation in the fast-paced cryptocurrency world.

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