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Sei Community Airdrop: 27 Million SEI Tokens Distributed to Active Users | IDOs News



Sei Community Airdrop: 27 Million SEI Tokens Distributed to Active Users | IDOs News

Sei, the blockchain platform known for its high performance and parallelized EVM, has announced the distribution of 27,421,200 SEI tokens through its second airdrop. The event targets 43,052 unique addresses, rewarding those who have been actively participating in the Sei ecosystem since its Pacific-1 Mainnet launch.


Since the launch of Sei’s Pacific-1 Mainnet last August, over 100,000 addresses have played a crucial role in securing the network by delegating their voting power. This participation has fostered a thriving economy, with primary activities revolving around the exchange and creation of NFTs. To date, the platform has seen half a million individual NFT purchases, generating tens of millions of SEI in volume.

Sei v2, the latest iteration, further enhances the platform by introducing the first highly performant, parallelized EVM blockchain. This new scaling approach is designed to bolster the Ethereum ecosystem, offering the fastest time to finality of any blockchain currently available.

How the Airdrop Works

The Sei Foundation’s second airdrop focuses on rewarding active users and participants within the Sei ecosystem. Eligible users can check if their wallet addresses qualify by visiting the airdrop app. If eligible, users must connect their wallets and agree to the terms of use to receive their tokens. The deadline for this process is aligned with the commencement of “Phase 3” of the Sei v2 launch, which is scheduled in the coming weeks.

Importantly, the Foundation has cautioned users that no further interactions are required once eligibility is confirmed. Tokens will be sent directly to eligible addresses at the start of Phase 3. Users are advised to ignore any websites claiming to assist in token claims.

Airdrop #2 Allocations

The allocation for Airdrop #2 is designed to reward users based on their involvement in staking, liquid staking, and participation in top NFT communities. Points were assigned based on specific criteria, with snapshots taken on key dates to determine eligibility. Notably, addresses with excessive holdings were excluded to maintain fairness.

Specifically, the criteria included:

  • Staking up to 2,000,000 SEI
  • Holding up to 2,000,000 liquid staked SEI tokens
  • Owning up to 150 NFTs from the top 8 collections by volume

Sei core contributors and wallets associated with the Sei Foundation or Labs are not eligible to participate in this airdrop. The Foundation has emphasized that this distribution is exclusively for the Sei community members who have actively engaged with the platform.

Users are encouraged to participate in the ecosystem by building on Sei, exploring various projects, or engaging with the community on platforms like Discord.

The official Sei Twitter account will announce the start of Phase 3 and the distribution of tokens. Eligible users must ensure they agree to the terms on the airdrop app to receive their SEI tokens from the Foundation.

For further details on the Sei Community Airdrop, visit the original announcement.

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