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Soundraw: An AI-Powered Music Creator | IDOs News




  • Introduction to Soundraw

Soundraw is a cutting-edge AI music generator that’s transforming how creators produce and integrate music into their projects. Offering an intuitive platform for generating custom-made, royalty-free music, Soundraw caters to a diverse range of users, from individual creators to businesses, enhancing their content across various media. Soundraw, an innovative music technology company, was founded by CEO Daigo Kusunoki on February 12th, 2020. The company is headquartered at WeWork The ARGYLE Aoyama, situated on the 6th floor at 2-14-4 Kita-Aoyama, in the Minato-ku district of Tokyo, with the postal code 107-0061. 

           Source: Soundraw

How to Generate Music with Soundraw

Creating custom music for your projects can significantly enhance their appeal and effectiveness. Soundraw, an AI-powered music generator, simplifies this process, allowing even those without musical expertise to produce professional-quality tracks. Here’s how you can generate music using Soundraw:

Choose the Length: Decide how long you want your track to be, tailoring it to fit the specific needs of your project.

Set the Tempo: Select a tempo that matches your project’s mood and pace. Options include slow, normal, and fast.

Select the Genre: Soundraw offers a diverse range of genres to suit various creative needs. Choose from Hip Hop, Trap, Drill, Jersey Club, Latin, Rock, Ambient, Acoustic, Funk, Drum n Bass, Phonk, and others.

Define the Mood: Set the emotional tone of your music by selecting from moods like Epic, Happy, Hopeful, Laid Back, Angry, Sentimental, Romantic, Sexy, Smooth, Euphoric, and others.


   Soundraw Theme, Source: Soundraw

Choose the Theme: Tailor your music further by selecting a theme that resonates with your project. Options include Corporate, Photography, Motivational & Inspiring, Fashion & Beauty, Sports & Action, Nature, Technology, Wedding & Romance, Holiday Season, among others.

By following these steps, you can effortlessly create a track that not only complements but also elevates the quality of your project.

Soundraw and Canva Integration

The integration of Soundraw into Canva’s platform has been a significant development. This collaboration enables users to create music directly within Canva, enhancing their designs with bespoke soundtracks. The process is straightforward, involving selecting Soundraw from the Canva Apps Marketplace, connecting a Soundraw account, and generating or customizing music to suit the design.

Soundraw Licensing Agreement: Key Terms and Conditions

The Soundraw Licensing Agreement is a comprehensive contract that grants users a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to Soundraw’s musical compositions and recordings, provided they adhere to the terms of the agreement and pay a non-refundable subscription fee. Under this agreement, users are allowed to access up to thirty Soundraw Recordings per month, create derivative works, distribute these recordings across various platforms, and even reproduce them in physical formats like CD-ROMs and Vinyl. Importantly, the license also permits the promotion, synchronization with user-owned audiovisual works, and public performance of these recordings​​.

A key aspect of the agreement is its perpetual nature, meaning users can continue to exploit their created works (User Recordings) indefinitely, even after their subscription ends, without owing Soundraw any royalties or fees, barring mechanical royalties. However, the agreement imposes specific restrictions, such as prohibiting unlawful reproduction, transfer, or use of the recordings in ways not explicitly permitted by the license. Additionally, while users retain a 50% share in the underlying compositions they create, Soundraw holds all rights to its original recordings and compositions, emphasizing the importance of adherence to the outlined credit requirements and limitations on the use of Soundraw’s trademarks and intellectual property​​.

Soundraw AI Music Generation API

Soundraw’s AI Music Generation API is a tool designed for developers, offering a unique way to enhance digital products with the power of music. This API allows seamless integration of personalized, licensed music into various applications, providing an unlimited scope for generating tailor-made musical compositions.

Transformative Impact Across Industries: Soundraw’s API is already creating waves in multiple sectors. It’s being utilized by content creation platforms, game developers, metaverses, music creators, and tech companies, among others. These success stories underscore the API’s versatility and its capability to significantly enhance user engagement and experience across a diverse range of digital landscapes.

Flexible and Accessible Pricing: To accommodate the varied needs of different businesses and developers, Soundraw offers flexible pricing plans for its API services. Starting at an accessible price point of $300, these plans are designed to provide comprehensive access to unlimited music creation along with full licensing coverage. This approach ensures that businesses of all sizes can leverage this innovative technology without financial constraints.

Pricing and Subscription Plans

Soundraw offers a versatile pricing structure designed to cater to a wide range of creators, from individuals to professional artists. The platform provides up to 25% off on its subscription plans, which are available in both monthly and annual formats.

1. Free Plan

Cost: $0 (forever)


  1. Generate unlimited songs
  2. Bookmark songs

Ideal for: Users wanting to try out Soundraw’s capabilities without any financial commitment.

2. Creator Plan

Monthly Cost: $16.99 (discounted from $19.99)

Annual Option Available: Yes


  1. Access to background music suitable for videos, podcasts, games, social media, TV, radio, etc.
  2. Unlimited downloads
  3. Royalty-free music, ensuring no copyright strikes
  4. Suitable for both commercial and personal use

Ideal for: Content creators seeking diverse background music options for various media projects.

3. Artist Plan

Monthly Cost: $29.99 (discounted from $39.99)

Annual Option Available: Yes


  1. Add vocals to Soundraw beats to create songs
  2. Distribute creations to platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, etc.
  3. Enjoy unlimited audio streams
  4. Retain all recording royalties
  5. Up to 30 downloads per month
  6. A simple, transparent license that remains valid forever, even if the subscription ends
  7. Protection against copyright strikes

Ideal for: Musicians and artists looking to produce and distribute their songs while maintaining full rights and royalties.

These pricing options make Soundraw an accessible and flexible tool for a wide array of audio content creation, ensuring users can find a plan that fits their specific needs and budget.

          Soundraw Pricing Plan, Source: Soundraw

Alternatives to Soundraw

Splash: An app designed for easy music creation, allowing users to mix and match different loops and beats to create custom tracks.

TuneFlow: A music composition app that uses AI to help songwriters and composers create and arrange music efficiently.

Boomy: Enables instant music creation using AI, ideal for users without musical training to quickly generate and release songs.

BeatBot: Offers AI-driven music composition tools, catering to creators needing custom beats and music tracks.

MusicLM: An AI-based music generation model that focuses on creating music from text descriptions, offering innovative ways to conceptualize music. Utilizes AI for music composition, helping artists and producers in creating unique musical pieces.

Loudly: Provides music production tools powered by AI, suitable for music makers looking for sound design and mixing assistance.

Songmastr: An AI music assistant that helps in songwriting and composition, aimed at streamlining the music creation process.

SongR: An AI music composition platform that assists users in creating original music with minimal effort.

Musico: Uses AI to generate music and provide interactive music experiences, catering to both creators and listeners.

Extend music: Focuses on extending music tracks using AI, useful for DJs and producers looking to create longer versions of songs.

Sooundful: A platform that offers AI-driven music creation tools, designed for ease of use and quick music production.

Riffusion: Specializes in AI-generated music, leveraging deep learning models to create diverse music styles.


          Source: Riffusion

Emvoice: Provides a virtual vocalist using AI, allowing producers to add realistic-sounding vocals to their tracks.

Amper AI: An AI music composition platform that allows users to create custom soundtracks based on mood, style, and duration.

Supertone: Offers AI-based music creation tools, focusing on generating high-quality, lifelike musical compositions.

Staccato: A music generation platform that uses AI to help users create music quickly and efficiently.

Clip Audio: Provides AI-powered music and audio clip generation, suitable for short-form content creators.

HookGen: Specializes in creating catchy hooks and melodies using AI, aimed at songwriters and producers.

Databasss: Focuses on AI-driven music analysis and generation, offering insights and tools for music creation.

SoundVerse: An AI music platform that provides tools for creating and exploring AI-generated music compositions.

MusicAI: Offers AI-based music composition and production tools, catering to artists and music producers looking for innovative creation methods.


Soundraw represents a significant advancement in the field of AI-generated music. Its intuitive platform, diverse customization options, and integration with Canva make it a valuable tool for creators seeking original music for their projects.

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Chainalysis reveals the intertwining of human trafficking with crypto scams in Southeast Asia, highlighting the urgency to combat these digital age crimes.

The blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis has cast a spotlight on a grim nexus of cryptocurrency and human trafficking in Southeast Asia through its recent analysis. In a comprehensive report, Chainalysis details how ‘pig butchering’ scam gangs operate in lawless regions, exploiting both victims of romance scams and trafficked individuals forced to perpetrate these crimes.

The report, titled “The On-chain Footprint of Southeast Asia’s ‘Pig Butchering’ Compounds: Human Trafficking, Ransoms, and Hundreds of Millions Scammed,” provides an in-depth look at the operations of these criminal organizations. It emphasizes the staggering $700 million lost to romance scams in 2022, according to the FBI’s IC3 Report, and nearly $2.5 billion lost to various types of crypto investment scams.

These ‘pig butchering’ scams, a term derived from the tactic of ‘fattening up’ victims before fraudulently extracting their funds, often begin with romantic overtures on social media or text messages. Victims are lured with the promise of love or companionship and are eventually persuaded to invest in fraudulent schemes. The scams are not just a threat to financial security but also pose a significant human rights issue. Many of the scam operators are victims themselves, trafficked and forced to work under inhumane conditions in large compounds such as the infamous KK Park in Myanmar’s Myawaddy.

Chainalysis’ analysis sheds light on the complex web of transactions linking ransom payments for trafficked individuals to the proceeds from romance scams. The report includes a case study of KK Park, revealing how two ransom addresses are connected to known scam wallets, indicating the scale of operations within these compounds.

The cryptocurrency community is responding to the crisis, with significant interventions from organizations like Tether and OKX, who have aided in freezing assets linked to human trafficking. Moreover, a collaboration between the US Department of Justice and these cryptocurrency platforms led to a substantial seizure of assets tied to these crimes.

Efforts to dismantle these operations are ongoing, with law enforcement agencies across the globe stepping up their efforts. In late 2023, an Interpol operation spearheaded by South Korea resulted in the arrest of 3,500 cyber criminals and the confiscation of $300 million in assets, including a substantial amount in cryptocurrencies.

Chainalysis calls for increased vigilance within the cryptocurrency sector, urging businesses to be proactive in identifying and reporting suspicious activities to the authorities. The intersection of cryptocurrency and crime elucidates the need for robust regulation and cooperation between blockchain companies, financial institutions, and law enforcement agencies.

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Crypto detective ZachXBT helps recover substantial funds from a phishing scam involving a top-ranked DeGods NFT, underscoring the risks and recoverability in the digital asset space.

A top-ranked DeGods non-fungible token (NFT), which was stolen from a victim in May 2023 following a visit to a phishing site, has been partly recovered. The digital asset, sold for a staggering $177K worth of Ethereum (99 ETH), was returned to the rightful owner thanks to the efforts of the crypto community and the renowned online detective ZachXBT.

The incident highlights the persistent threat of phishing scams in the digital asset space, where users are deceived into visiting malicious websites that mimic legitimate platforms, leading to the theft of valuable cryptocurrencies and NFTs. The DeGods NFT, ranking number one in its collection, became a high-profile case due to its significant value and the notoriety of such scams in the crypto community.

ZachXBT, known for his efforts in tracking down and exposing fraudulent activities within the crypto space, shared the success story via his Twitter account, emphasizing the possibility and importance of recovery operations, albeit acknowledging the challenges and time consumption involved in such endeavors.

The crypto detective’s announcement was met with wide commendation from the community, with numerous individuals expressing their gratitude and admiration for his work. The event also sparked discussions on the sustainability of public goods work in the crypto realm, as ZachXBT expressed his frustrations with the sense of entitlement and exploitation he faces.

This case serves as a reminder of the risks associated with digital assets and the importance of vigilance when engaging with online platforms. The recovery of the stolen NFT and funds also showcases the potential for rectifying wrongs in the blockchain ecosystem, a testament to the collaborative efforts of experts and the community in upholding security and justice.

As the digital asset market continues to evolve, the role of blockchain analysts and crypto detectives like ZachXBT becomes increasingly vital. Their work not only aids victims of scams but also deters potential fraudsters by demonstrating that the crypto community is active and capable of taking united action against criminal activities.

The recovery process for stolen digital assets remains complex and resource-intensive. However, the success in the DeGods NFT case brings hope and sets a precedence for effective response to crypto-related crimes.

Image source: Shutterstock

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Coinbase has announced the suspension of trading for Status (SNT) while ensuring users have unfettered access to their funds for withdrawal.

Coinbase, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has made a substantial announcement affecting users of the digital currency Status (SNT). As of a recent statement, Coinbase has disabled trading for SNT. Despite this suspension, the exchange has emphasized that users’ funds will remain accessible, offering reassurance that the ability to withdraw funds will not be impacted by this change.

The decision to halt trading came after Coinbase’s routine scrutiny of listed assets to ensure compliance with its stringent listing standards. The exchange has cited February 23, 2024, as the effective date for the suspension of SNT trading activities, which was announced to occur around 2 PM ET. Coinbase Assets’ Twitter feed provided users with an advance notice of the suspension, alongside a link to their support page for those seeking more information.

The move has naturally sparked discussions within the cryptocurrency community, leading to queries about potential replacements for SNT on the Coinbase platform. For instance, the Twitter user @ja1405_ja suggested considering Realio (RIO), a platform that prides itself on adhering to SEC guidelines and emphasizes investor protection through strict compliance measures.

This development comes amidst a dynamic period for the crypto market, which has recently seen news such as the confirmation of an Ethereum (ETH) spot ETF, indicating a progressive regulatory environment and potentially increased mainstream adoption of digital assets.

Coinbase is known for its rigorous approach to asset listing, which includes continuous monitoring and reviewing against a set of criteria aimed at protecting users and maintaining the integrity of the trading environment. The suspension of SNT trading highlights the exchange’s commitment to these standards, even at the cost of delisting assets that fail to meet them.

The cryptocurrency community can expect Coinbase to keep providing updates and guidance on such matters, with additional resources available through their customer support channels. The decision to disable trading for a specific asset like SNT is a reminder of the volatile and regulatory-sensitive nature of the cryptocurrency market.

For users affected by this suspension, Coinbase has assured that all funds are secure and accessible. The exchange’s proactive approach to communicating changes and ensuring readiness for compliance-related adjustments is characteristic of its user-centric ethos.

The situation with Status (SNT) at Coinbase is a clear indication of the ongoing balancing act between innovation in the crypto space and adherence to regulatory standards. It underscores the importance for users to stay informed and ready to adapt to the evolving landscape of cryptocurrency trading.

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