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State1’s GoldBrick Embarks on Presale Phase to Drive Metaverse Expansion | IDOs News



State1’s GoldBrick Embarks on Presale Phase to Drive Metaverse Expansion | IDOs News

In a pivotal move towards advancing State1’s ambitious metaverse project, GoldBrick has initiated its presale phase, marking a significant milestone in the realization of State1’s vision for a dynamic virtual economy. GoldBrick, the foundational token of State1’s cutting-edge platform, is now available for presale at $0.90, with the token’s official launch price set at $1.00. This development underscores State1’s commitment to propelling the metaverse forward while offering compelling opportunities for investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

The presale phase of GoldBrick introduces an innovative tokenomics model, characterized by a maximum supply of 15 million coins, ensuring stability, security, and substantial growth potential. Participants in the presale phase play a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of State1’s transformative journey, driving the metaverse’s expansion and shaping its destiny.

State1 Metaverse ecosystem already boasts over 200 active companies leveraging its groundbreaking features, including the innovative ecommerce 2.0 functionality. Moreover, with a user base exceeding 5.000 individuals since 2022, State1 has witnessed a steady influx of participants engaging with its ecosystem, that also allow to have a circular economy. Notably, since September 2023, State1 has been transitioning towards Web3, pioneering the world’s first virtual land registry and distributing GoldBrick tokens purchased via fiat currency during the seed phase.

Every transaction within the metaverse for the purchase of real or virtual items using any type of fiat or cryptocurrency, will be converted in GoldBrick, leading to significant transaction volumes and a guaranteed increase in the value of GoldBrick. Additionally, State1 will produce debit cards to allow the use of GoldBrick in every activity, even in the real world.

Beyond geographical constraints, State1 Metaverse fosters collaboration on a global scale, bridging diverse regions and communities through its digital platform. The integration of GoldBrick into the State1 ecosystem empowers stakeholders and enthusiasts to capitalize on unprecedented opportunities for global expansion.

Established in 2021, State1 Metaverse project has rapidly evolved into a dynamic virtual world spanning 225 million square meters, featuring over 43.500 buildable plots distributed across 25 distinct areas of interest. Investors and enthusiasts alike can acquire assets within the metaverse, ranging from plots to buildings to avatars, leveraging State1’s innovative algorithms to enhance the value of their investments.

Looking ahead, GoldBrick is poised to become the official currency of State1 Metaverse, facilitating seamless exchange through major platforms upon its anticipated launch in July 2024.

With its forward-thinking approach and unwavering commitment to technological innovation, State1 is redefining the landscape of virtual economies, ushering in a new era of boundless opportunities for businesses and individuals alike.

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