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Taiko (TAI) Network Introduces Fully Permissionless Proposing and Proving | IDOs News



Taiko (TAI) Network Introduces Fully Permissionless Proposing and Proving | IDOs News

The Taiko (TAI) network has announced that proposing and proving on its platform are now fully permissionless, according to This development makes Taiko the first rollup to offer such features, marking a pivotal step towards complete decentralization.

The Ultimate Based Rollup

The term “based rollup” was coined in a research post by Justin Drake, defining a rollup as based or L1-sequenced when its sequencing is driven by the base Layer 1 (L1). This means that the next L1 proposer, in collaboration with L1 searchers and builders, can trustlessly include the next rollup block as part of the subsequent L1 block. In simpler terms, there are no centralized entities deciding the order of blocks or transactions, enabling anyone to propose a rollup block at any given time, ensuring complete decentralization.

Taiko’s Approach to Multi-Proofs

To further bolster the integrity of its network, Taiko is developing a multi-prover approach. This strategy aims to mitigate the risks associated with bugs and vulnerabilities inherent in proving systems, architectures, and implementations. By employing different types of proofs (such as validity proofs and fraud proofs), various proving systems (like SNARKs and STARKs), and different team implementations, Taiko ensures that even if one proof is compromised, other proofs can safeguard against the same vulnerability being exploited.

This multi-prover approach highlights Taiko’s commitment to security and reliability within its decentralized ecosystem. Detailed information on Taiko’s multi-prover strategy can be found here.

Additionally, Taiko’s native token, TAIKO, is now available on both centralized and decentralized exchanges, enabling users to earn rewards by participating as proposers and provers. This move is set to attract a diverse array of participants, further decentralizing the network.

As part of its ongoing efforts to enhance user engagement and network robustness, Taiko encourages users to set up nodes and participate in the network. Comprehensive guidelines on running a proposer and prover on the Taiko network are available in their documentation.

It’s worth noting that the transition to a permissionless network requires time and community effort. Taiko invites network participants to help test and utilize its decentralized platform, contributing to its growth and resilience.

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